Ariel’s world Official Release Date: Oct. 26th


Be one of the first to join Ariel as he ventures the globe to take on his arch nemesis, the Viking Mage called Magnus. From swimming your way out of under water mazes to out running an avalanche you’ll never be bored in Ariel’s World.

If you’re looking for a walk in the park, look elsewhere. Ariel’s World is an old school Platformer that’ll take every thing you’ve got to complete. You’ll play through 20 insanely challenging levels and 5 fantastic Bosses (with MORE on the way)

Ariel’s World Includes:

Extremely precise “4 Quadrant Controls” (no more worrying about tiny touch targets)

Beautiful Graphics

Original character design.

5 Special Power-Ups

20 unique levels.

5 worlds with a Boss guarding each one.

Classic Mario-Styled Gameplay


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